Myanmar Year Zero

11 minute documentary short

Filmmakers Michael Henry Wilson and Carole J. Wilson have always been deeply interested in the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. They see this film Myanmar Year Zero as the third part of a trilogy: In Search of Kundun exemplified the wisdom of the Dalai Lama; Reconciliation: Mandela’s Miracle celebrated Nelson Mandela’s brilliant statesmanship; now Myanmar Year Zero will illuminate the spirit of peaceful revolution as embodied by Aung San Suu Kyi, Zarganar and their many dedicated compatriots.

However, the country is still in the throes of a tumultuous transition. The fate of an infant democracy hangs in the balance as dictatorial forces and sectarian violence still trouble a country struggling to enter a new era. Time will tell if recent developments mark the first steps toward real liberalization and national reconciliation or if the country takes a step backward.

The first shoot to place in 2012, when Suu Kyii addressed the Burmese community in Los Angeles. Most of the expatriots in the audience had never seen her before. A second shoot took place in Myamar in March, 2014, where the Wilson’s conducted 22 in-depth interviews with former political prisoners and government figures as well as capturing the charm – and poverty – of this once isolated nation.

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