A la Porte du Paradis: le cinéma américain en 58 cinéastes, de D.W. Griffith à David Lynch (Armand Colin, Paris, France, 2014)

Just out! This highly personal survey features 58 essays about some of Hollywood’s most renowned or most underrated filmmakers, from the early pioneers to the mavericks of today.
Le livre de Michael Henry Wilson, minutieusement composé et magnifiquement écrit, est l’histoire de la famille du cinéma américain, une famille toujours vivante, florissante et qui continue de s’agrandir.”
Préface de Martin Scorsese

Interview with author on France Inter, May, 2014


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Le Versant crépusculaire: Rendez-vous avec la peur (Night of the Demon) de Jacques Tourneur (Wild Side, coll. Classics Confidential, France, novembre 2013)

Liberation Review, décembre 2013

Gentle Geek Review, décembre 2013

Interviews about the film

Cinema Withough Borders: an in-depth interview by Bijan Tehrani

 Interview on NBC  with filmmakers Michael and Carole Wilson the day of Mr. Mandela’s passing

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Podcast from Geneva, Switzerland

WRS’s Alex Helmick speaks with director and author Michael Henry Wilson, who directed the film Clint Eastwood: A Life in Film and wrote the book Eastwood on Eastwood, to find out what he can tell us about the man who’s been a Hollywood star longer than most of us have been alive. Click here to listen to English language radio interview.


Scorsese on Scorsese Book Reviews

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DVDClassiks interview on Wilson’s career

Eastwood on Eastwood

Book review excerpts

…”The director of Unforgiven had never been closely examined step by step in a book of interviews. Wilson’s rigorous and richly illustrated book finally does it. The ability of the American star to analyze his own work has rarely been so well brought out.” (Le Monde, December 2007)

…”Wilson has been one of the key individuals behind the recognition of Eastwood as a director. Year after year, through articles and interviews, panels and festivals, and recently the documentary Clint Eastwood: A Life in Film, he has established a special connection with Eastwood. The great quality of this book is precisely that it is rooted in time – in the duration and genesis of Eastwood’s work as it progresses, step by step. One remains fascinated throughout these conversations by the underlying music of a relationship that slowly grows into a friendship. The filmmaker’s comments are captured as the films are being produced. This is not a retrospective survey. It is an exchange anchored in the nuts and bolts of creation.” (Positif, Fabien Gaffez, April 2008)


Le Ciel ou la Boue: The Story of G.I.Joe

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Columbia University Journal: Tribute to MHW

Click here to read tribute following Michael’s passing on Jnue 26, 2014


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Carole J. Wilson, Producer/Artist

Carole Wilson, producer of Reconciliation: Mandela’s Miracle and co-producer of Clint Eastwood: A Life in Film, is working on a new documentary about the 106 year-old living Zen master titled, Portrait of Joshu Sasaki Roshi. Also in the works is her 22 canvas series on the Kabbalah, to be featured as an installation. To learn more about her projects, go to



Thomas Wilson aka Sweatson Klank, Composer/Music Supervisor

Thomas Wilson, better known Sweatson Klank, has scored two Michael Henry Wilson films: Clint Eastwood: A Life in Film and Reconciliation: Mandela’s Miracle. For more information and to hear the music of this gifted composer, go to and and



Kripa Julian Jones, Composer

Kripa Julian Jones wrote the haunting Guitar Rhapsodies for Reconciliation: Mandela’s Miracle as well as the piano compositions in Clint Eastwood: A Life in Film. He has also scored a piano composition for Donkey Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters directed by Seth Gordon, and did the soundtrack for a guided healing meditation on CD. To learn more about his current work and for contact information, go to



Lara Wilson, Singer-Songwriter

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Lara sang on the documentary Reconciliation: Mandela’s Miracle  and her music and contact information can be found at





Hélène Hoppenot: Journal 1918-1933

Hélène Hoppenot was a published photographer and the wife of Henri Hoppenot, the prominent French diplomat and Supreme Court Justice. This is the first tome of her meticulous diary spanning many decades, including conversations with Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Pablo Picasso, Saint-John Perse, Darius Milhaud, Paul Claudel and many others. The grandmother of Michael Henry Wilson, she had a profound influence on his artistic development. For further information go to: